Marble Cleaning and Polishing


Whether you have marble, tile or hardwood floors, you may have had difficulties cleaning them before due to an uncertainty or fear of incurring any damage to the flooring material. However, now with the assistance of Al Amal Maintenance marble polishing, you can be confident that your precious flooring will be cleaned in the most precise and safe method possible, without the risk of any of damage. Al Amal Maintenance floor cleaning specialists have a cherished and respected history in the field of cleaning and maintaining flooring of all types, with an expertise in both natural and synthetic flooring.

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Marble floor problems

Marble floors, without the correct level of cleaning and maintenance, will deteriorate over time, losing their original polished or high polished finish becoming lifeless, dull, and dirty. Marble floor surfaces dull in high traffic areas like kitchens due to incorrect cleaning products damaging the surface, continuous foot traffic grinding hard to see dirt and grit into the floor creating microscopic scratches which over time build up and reduce the floor’s natural reflective properties.

Food and drink stains, etch marks, watermarks, limescale, dull spots, and dirty grout lines contribute to the Marbles deterioration and soiled appearance.


Marble floor refurbishment

Floor Polishing Dubai

Marble floor refurbishment and maintenance – This process is the most common and usually required when the floor surface is dull and dirty but generally in a good condition with only light scratches.

Marble Floor Restoration – This process is usually required when the floor is in very poor condition and needs a lot of work repairing damage, cracks and removing deep scratches and gouges.

Our floor cleaning team and tiler will repair the damage, resin repair holes, and cracks, remove lippage, diamond grind and diamond hone the surface to remove deep scratches and gouges.

Once the floor has been repaired we diamond polish the floor with various grades of diamonds to provide a polish finish, if a high polished finish is required we use our chemical process of powder polishing the floor to provide a high-gloss polished finish before sealing with a natural stone floor sealer on completion.


Floor survey

We provide FREE surveys to find out the size, type and condition of your floor.

This information allows us to provide a free quote including our cleaning, polishing and maintenance recommendations. For speed, you can send us photos via email, text or WhatsApp +971 55 9641288 which allows us to give you a budget quote before carrying out a survey.

Good photos would include a photo from the entrance into the room/s containing the floor so we can estimate the size of the floor and what’s in the room, a close-up of two tiles together so we can see the type and condition of the tile, and any other photos you feel will help us determine the condition of the floor.