Sofa Cleaning:

Sofa set is significant part of furniture, so sofa cleaning is important part of overall sanitizing of your home. Most people are not eager to clean their sofa by themselves, because it becomes over-moistured and out of commission for days. Our professional sofa cleaning is the solution of the problem – all the unsightly stains, soiling and dirt are easily removed and the furnishing is ready for usage the very same day.


Carpet Cleaning

Image result for sofa & carpet cleaning bannerProfessional carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining the overall hygiene in your home. Carpets give shelter to many microorganisms, such as dust mites, which cause major health problems like asthma and a variety of other allergic reactions. Carpet steam cleaning eliminates the population of bacteria and germs and make your house clean and healthy place.

Carpet cleaning removes the built-in dirt and grease and majority of stains and spills. The time of reaction is important for the quality of the cleaning. If you call us right after an accident happened on your carpet, we will be able to fully extract the stain. But if the mark is older and persistent, our job will be more complicated. Don’t wait until your carpet is badly soiled, dirt effects the fibers and makes them brittle. It is recommended to conduct carpet cleaning twice a year, in order to protect the fibers durability and refreshen the look of your interior.



Curtains Cleaning

Curtains, drapes and fabric blinds are this part of the furnishing that makes your house bright and cheerful. Unfortunately they become easily contaminated and saturated with different odors. Professional curtain cleaning is the right decision for that kind of problem, as well for elimination of the harmful germs inhabiting the tissue. Curtain performs air filtration of the whole room and cleaning it at regular basis would keep the air fresh and healthy.

We use best cleaning detergents on the market, because quality is at most importance to us. We strictly observe the health requirements that are why we use only green products, safe for the environment and for your family. We are committed to do our job the best possible way, so we will provide you with the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. Revive the fresh look and the softness of your carpeting with our carpet cleaning service.



Mattress Cleaning

There is no better feeling than to lie down in your comfortable bed after having a hard day. But apart from comfort, your bed should be also absolutely clean, so that you could have better sleep. What we can offer is professional mattress steam cleaning for complete disinfection of your bed.








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