Because the torrent streaming only works with the built-in media player, this means it has the exact same compatibility problem. However, uTorrent Pro uses significantly more RAM, as the antivirus feature consistently takes up around 300MB of RAM on its own. It also takes up more space, with the uTorrent Pro install folder ballooning to over 800MB.

Old software downloaded from “old app sites” could be identified as “Potential virus” from your antivirus software. If it was downloaded from a trusted site, ignore this message. Unfortunately, as for you and I, and for most uTorrent users, the “Automatically install updates” checkbox is grayed out in uTorrent. But still, don’t undervalue some newer versions, such as the v3.5.5 ; according to Wikipedia, the v.3.5.5, is the latest stable version. Although it still comes with ads, they are less annoying and easier to remove. If you are installing uTorrent for the first time, please Do read and be aware of the entire installation the whole time.

FAQs – Is uTorrent Safe in Canada?

Downloading the qBitTorrent from any third-party source or shady website can have a tampered file. It can be infected with malware or other potential vulnerabilities. This can also make qBitTorrent an unsecured torrent client. If you don’t like the idea of paying for a VPN, a free torrenting VPN is also an option. It’s better than nothing, but hardly an ideal solution. The ones that do have weak security, slow speeds, and limited data usage.

  • It aims to be a “free software alternative to uTorrent”, so it’s the closest thing to a junkware-free version of uTorrent you’ll find.
  • But it is crucial to do it before you start torrenting.
  • And when we did, the alerts were false positives, so they weren’t correct.

Not only does it have integration with Chrome and Firefox, this torrent client comes with other additional and useful features. These include the ability to unzip files on top of being able to shut down your computer once your torrent is done downloading. Without a doubt, Deluge is a delightful torrent client to have and won’t slow down your computer, no matter how old or new the model is. Though its user interface is simple, don’t underestimate Torrentz2’s functionality as a go-to source for torrents. Think of the website as your search engine for torrents.

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If everything above fails, then we’d like to recommend switching to a uTorrent alternative like qBitorrent. It’s one of the best available today, and it doesn’t come with any fancy features. Through and through, it’s simply a client for downloading torrents.

Which is fair, since most VPNs have a ton of servers you can use instead of those who block P2P traffic. If you’re in the situation we’ve described above and can’t seem to find a way to download torrents while using a VPN, here’s what you should do. Install the available updates and check if the application isn’t having issues.